Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dr. Jen Arnold

Every day here we learn new medical terminology. I learned that on each baby, there's an attending physician, fellow, and a doctor completing their residency. The attending physician has completed their fellowship and residency and supervises the others. That's pretty much the description in a nutshell. In this case they all belong to the Neonatologist group that cares for babies in the NICU. However, in Maddox's case, he doesn't have a residency doctor. Last week the attending physician was Dr. Gillory. She was awesome and worked non stop on Maddox's care.  This month of April, to my pleasant surprise, Dr Jen Arnold is Maddox's attending physician. I watched her show on TLC network called "The Little Couple".


Most of you probably may have seen their show. It's really interesting and I enjoy watching them. She can really empathize with children as she herself had about 27 surgeries growing up. She is extremely sweet and very respectful in person! She's doing an amazing job in caring for Maddox. She's really good at what she does!! I got the chance to take a picture with her. Below is a picture from today. :)


  1. I am sorry that Maddox is having so many serious health issues. Having a healthy newborn is challenging within itself. I cannot imagine dealing with your situation. Please know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers. I know Lena and Rudy cannot wait to see you and Maddox. I will keep in touch through the blog. We love you guys! <3

  2. Such a cute photo, Jenny! So happy to hear Maddox is in great hands!

    Hugs and Prayers!